Another day, another Dolla dolla billll yoooo.

and another one's down. Fido contest, selling accessories. not very imaginative, I know, so sue me!

week three done!

Life is utter and complete shite right now, but I did manage to finish this week's work comic. A lot more rushed than usual, was watching the rider's game while drawing it, so was distracted. Next time Montreal, next time!


and then there was two...

second weekly newsletter comix! This week, steven won the Wednesday data contest, so he gets to star in this one.

This one is about the incessant question of "hey, do you have any iphone 4's in stock?" :NO WE FRAKKIN DON'T. WE DIDN'T HAVE ANY 20 MINUTES AGO WHEN U CALLED, WE DON't NOW EITHER FRAKK."


"May our eyes see the truth, though our souls deny it"
"the Eldar of 'the Deeper Well' (a massive corridor of navigable space that runs through the Perseid nebula), have stalked imperial shipping lanes for centuries. Striking out from massive bases hidden in Cyclopean structures that lace the nebula, these lithe aliens are the stuff of nightmares.
Deep within the folds of this mist shrouded maze, a small binary star system rests. Holding impossibly just within the gravity of a gas giant, a massive fortress broods ever upon the cusp of doom.
The colossal structure looms out of Gorzac III's storm clouds, loosing fleets of lithe raiding barges that strike quickly and without warning, smashing apart Imperial forces, and dragging the survivors back to their soaring minarets and the vast dungeons of the keep.
Linked within this behemoth is a huge webway portal that feeds supplies and materiel to Cammoragh, the ancient port city, and capital of the Empire resurgent."


Dark Eldar! I've had this color scheme in my head for quite some time, thought I would share.


First Post!

Hey! So this is it, getting back into the fold! Life has been super busy of late, so I'm really trying to get some art out there, get some juices flowing.

I recently became the manager of Fido (cell phone company) in Saskatoon, so life is busier than ever, but I've come up with an idea to force myself to draw, and do work at the same time: a weekly work related webcomic for my employees.

Here was a quick experiment with OC, just trying some stuff out.

I've also been doing some sketches in PS lately, here's a skelly!

I'll try and get stuff up regularly, get myself motivated and out of this art slump.