Shark week attack!

Carcharodons Astra are here! So excited to get painting this barbarous chapter


Raider madness!

Hey Guys! Yep, I'm not painter dead, just beem really busy. I'd like to say I've been doing loads of painting, but that would be a lie... Problem is, until recently, I was losing almost every game with the dark eldar. Made it kinda hard to get energized to play. Once I figured out the basis of a "win-able" dark eldar army (an ungodly number of dark lances), things have started looking up for the pointy eared space boogie-men!  I really wanted my vehicles to have a different color than the warrior armor, as I've seen how bright browns and yellows make the crew disappear. So, purple seemed a good Choice! Still very much a work in progress, but I felt I was far enough along to glue in the crew. You'll notice a lot of handpainted scenes on the hull. All that blank space, I just had to use it! The murals are all images from Gustave Dore's Woodcut illustrations of 'Dante's Inferno' by Dante Alighieri. Very poignant for a race out of humanity's worst nightmare yes? The crew's armor were all painted separately. I was rather pleased with myself in being able to reproduce the test model's armor on the crew, as it had been some time since I painted the tester. Hopefully the effect I was going for came across. Still lots of little details to do, but its coming together nicely. Now if only GW would release some venoms, I want all those little skimmers zooming around the raiders like feeders around a shark!