Raider madness!

Hey Guys! Yep, I'm not painter dead, just beem really busy. I'd like to say I've been doing loads of painting, but that would be a lie... Problem is, until recently, I was losing almost every game with the dark eldar. Made it kinda hard to get energized to play. Once I figured out the basis of a "win-able" dark eldar army (an ungodly number of dark lances), things have started looking up for the pointy eared space boogie-men!  I really wanted my vehicles to have a different color than the warrior armor, as I've seen how bright browns and yellows make the crew disappear. So, purple seemed a good Choice! Still very much a work in progress, but I felt I was far enough along to glue in the crew. You'll notice a lot of handpainted scenes on the hull. All that blank space, I just had to use it! The murals are all images from Gustave Dore's Woodcut illustrations of 'Dante's Inferno' by Dante Alighieri. Very poignant for a race out of humanity's worst nightmare yes? The crew's armor were all painted separately. I was rather pleased with myself in being able to reproduce the test model's armor on the crew, as it had been some time since I painted the tester. Hopefully the effect I was going for came across. Still lots of little details to do, but its coming together nicely. Now if only GW would release some venoms, I want all those little skimmers zooming around the raiders like feeders around a shark!

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